2003 Ranked Fifth Best Field in NC by Impact Baseball
2004 Ranked Third Best Field in NC by Impact Baseball
2009 Ranked Ninth Best Field in NC by Impact Baseball




Dimensions - LF 302     LCF 340     CF 385     RCF 345     RF 315


The Orange High baseball field has come along way in the last twenty years.  The Orange High baseball field was originally built with a skin infield and no fencing (except a backstop) or dugouts.  Today it is one of the finest baseball facilities in North Carolina. 

Press-box - In 1988 construction began on the press-box and dugouts.  The press-box upper level has public address area and a press area.  A new sound system was added in 2008.  The upper press-box also has two storage areas and an ice machine.  The lower level of the press-box contains the concession stand and bathrooms.  Also in 1988 concrete was poured connecting the dugouts around the backstop.  Concrete pads were poured for bleachers.  New bleachers were added in 2003.

Hitting Area / Bullpen - In 1997 two side-by-side hitting tunnels were added along with a double bullpen just outside the right-field fence.  There is a single bullpen down the left-field line.

The Field- Common bermuda grass was seeded on the field in 1983.
Today the turf on the Orange High field is a mixture of common bermuda grass and a hybrid 419 Tifway bermuda grass.  It is over-seeded every fall with perennial rye-grass.  The skin area is a 70/30 sand/clay mixture from Mebane, NC.  A calcinized clay product from Burnett Athletics Co. is added to the surface for drainage and a smoother playing surface.

In 2003 a brick wall and backstop were added.  The wall measures 3 feet in height and runs 150 feet from dugout to dugout.  The new backstop, a black vinyl-coated chain link, also runs 150 feet and is 20 feet in height.  In 2004 a net measuring up to 40' tall was added extending the backstop. 

In 2005 black wind-break inserts were added to the outfield fence to replace aging windscreen.  An orange fence cap was also added that year.  Advertising spots hang on the fence during the spring and summer seasons.  Spots are available each season.

In 2009 the infield was completely renovated.  The existing turf was killed and turned under.  New top soil was brought in and the grade was laser-leveled.  The irrigation system was updated and new 419 hybrid bermuda sod was laid providing a great, smooth playing surface.  Drainage was added on the edge of the infield.

Also in 2009 black vinyl-coacted fencing was adding down first and third base lines.

The Scoreboard - In 1998 a 10-inning scoreboard was erected to replace a storm damaged board.  Orange was one of the first schools in the area to have such a scoreboard.  In 2008 the scoreboard was expanded with a new top, the Orange Baseball logo and a 2008 State Championship sign.  Side panels have also been added for advertising.

Lights - In the summer of 2009 the baseball field received new lights to replace a 30-year old ineffiecent system.  These new GE lights from Torrance Ligthing have metal poles that are over ten feet higher the the old wooden poles.  Now the infield has over a 70 candle power rating and the outfield is at 50.



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